Frank Biden: There is no excuse to drop out of school

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Frank Biden plans to save the country, one student at a time. With the dropout rates in the state of Florida and in the entire nation reaching alarming levels, the brother of US Vice President Joe Biden is dedicated to eradicating the silent epidemic by serving as the President and Director for Business Development for Mavericks in Education.

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Mavericks in Education is an educational institution that is dedicated to the design, development, and delivery of alternative educational options to students who are at risk of dropping out of high school because they are challenged by the traditional approach to learning. By providing a solution to one of the biggest reasons students drop out of school, Frank Biden and Mavericks in Education are one step closer to reducing the high school dropout rate.

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Mavericks in Education boasts of a strong, research-based curriculum that allows students to learn and progress on their own pace. The institution also has a low student-to-teacher ratio, which means that teachers get to focus more on their students. Students are provided not only provided with the coursework necessary to earn them a state-recognized diploma, but also with the guidance and support needed for themthey need to stay motivated and stay in school.

Dropping out of school should never be an option, and Frank Biden works hard to make sure students will never consider leaving school. More information about his involvement with Mavericks in Education may be found on this Facebook page.

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