Frank Biden and Mavericks in Education: Making education fun and flexible

Frank Biden is the president and director for business development at Mavericks in Education, an educational institution that is founded on the belief that students are less likely to drop out of school if they are given the option to participate in an innovative learning environment that combines teacher-directed and technology-based instruction.

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Mavericks in Education offers a research-based curriculum that lets students learn and progress according to their own pace, in the hours that are comfortable for them. The school offers flexible schedules to accommodate the students’ needs and other commitments such as employment, family responsibilities, or vocational training. A year-round school, Mavericks in Education is committed to following the school districts’ calendar when in session.

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Frank Biden, through Mavericks in Education, provides students with the coursework necessary to earn a state-recognized high school diploma, helping them realize their dreams for the future. Mavericks Schools is committed to the development and delivery of out-of-the-box educational solutions that are designed to engage students, making them resistant to the challenges of the traditional approach to learning. Complaints about the traditional approach range from the system being too boring and methodical to teachers not having enough time to provide ample individual attention to the students. Mavericks in Education offer the solutions to these challenges, thus providing them with extra incentive to stay in school.

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More about Frank Biden and Mavericks in Education can be found at

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