Frank Biden and Mavericks in Education: Motivating students to unleash their full potential

Frank Biden is the president and director for business development of Mavericks in Education. Mavericks in Education has made it its mission to save the nation from what is becoming known as the “silent epidemic” – the alarmingly high dropout rates among high school students. Studies have shown that students who drop out of high school are those who are challenged by the traditional approach to learning, which is why the institution is dedicated to the design, development, and delivery of innovative educational solutions to cater to the needs of students who are at risk of, or have already dropped out of high school.

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Frank Biden’s Mavericks in Education takes pride in its strong, research-based curriculum. This setup allows students to learn and progress according to their own pace. The institution also offers flexible class schedules, so students have more time for their other endeavors. Mavericks schools also boast of having a low student-to-teacher ratio, so teachers get to focus more on the students’ individual needs. This also means that students are not only given the coursework necessary for them to earn a state-recognized diploma, they also get real-world advice and guidance, which are essential in keeping them motivated to stay in school.

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Mavericks in Education aims to promote academic awareness, and encourage a safe and inspiring learning environment through innovative teaching methods, professional integrity, and mentoring. More about Frank Biden and his involvement with the institution may be found at

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