A good education: The path to gainful employment

The connection between education and employment has been one of the key motivations for young adults to finish high school and attend college. In the United States, statistics show that the dropout levels in high school have decreased between 1990 and 2010, indicating more interest in obtaining a state-approved diploma among high school students.

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The path almost inadvertently leads to college for some. For others, a college degree simply becomes instrumental in securing a position at a respectable company in a specific field. Others thrive well in the labor force with a high school diploma and some experience in hand.

However, high school attrition rates remain high, even as greater numbers of adolescents eventually graduate. While a vast array of socio-economic complexities are at play in these circumstances, the inability of some young people to fall in step with their peers in the classroom plays a significant role in a student’s remaining in or leaving school.

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Without finishing the high school level of education, opportunities for college become relatively scant. For most youth, not being in school could mean a life of early employment in menial positions, or at the worst, to a life of crime.

Greater efforts have been placed in alternative instruction methods. Charter schools, like Mavericks in Education, have formulated research-based curricula to address specific needs. Programs like this are often geared toward a smaller ration between students and the teacher to allow the educator to focus on the learning process of each student, at his or her own pace.

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With these methods, students attuned to other learning styles may have a better chance at further education.

Frank Biden is the president and director for business development of Mavericks in Education. More can about him can be found through this Twitter page.

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