The race to define data science as an undergraduate course

Since the acceptance of the Internet as a reliable source of information, much hype has surrounded distance education and getting online degrees. Proving to be cost effective, distance education is a popular choice among recession-stricken undergrads as it prevents them from drowning in student debt. The opening of a new platform has forced schools to look at the current demand for courses and find ways to match. One unexpected development is that students are moving away from the traditional choices of going to college to study business, medicine, or law, and making careers out of what they know best: the Internet.

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In a similar field to statistics and actuarial science, data science is the analysis of information that modern technology creates. This refers to a range of things including consumer behavior, software demand, and decision making based on statistics gathered in the digital realm. An already lucrative opportunity, teaching the future generations to obtain and interpret data science is likely the education sector’s “next big thing.”

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While, so far, only a small number of colleges offer data science degrees, the program is gaining the attention of the bigger schools. The list already sees Ivy League and equally high-ranking universities creating data science programs at the undergraduate level. The highly regarded Columbia University will go a step further and offer new graduate and certificate programs that are heavy on data.

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As a leader who encourages alternative education, Frank Biden would advocate the expansion of school curriculum to include training for a growing business sector. Read more discussions on America’s education system by visiting this Facebook page.

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